Get ready for the ultimate East-European coffee culture extravaganza!

Welcome to CoffeEast, the electrifying and all-encompassing coffee culture festival that’s here to blow your taste buds away!

A regional festival open to all things coffee culture, from all the awe-inspiring coffee waves that have hit the scene:

  • The iconic Second-Wave

    paving the way to higher quality coffee

  • The revolutionary Third-Wave

    introducing specialty beans in small batches

  • The cutting-edge Fourth-Wave

    where precision brewing and scientific mastery collide to bring you mind-blowing experiences.

Do you want to be an exhibitor at CoffeEast in 2025?

🥐Are you looking to sweeten the festival? Add some crunch or fizz?

🕯️Or perhaps you what to showcase your craft.

☕Or you simply want to brew excellence.


Then book your spot at CoffeEast 2025:!

CoffeEast’s 1st edition unveiled
as the ultimate coffee culture


foot traffic


exhibitors from Eastern European countries


engaging lectures for professionals & enthusiasts


interactive workshops hosted by Origo Academy & international guests


cupping sessions hosted by international traders


competitors in GreatEast Cup Coffee Championship

A festival that opens the doors
of an iconic steel giant

The beating heart of East European coffee culture finds its pulse within the industrial allure of Hala Arena, a symbol of endurance and reinvention in Bucharest’s dynamic landscape. This national heritage landmark was envisioned in 1938 by one of Romania’s renowned architects, Horia Creangă – the grandson of the illustrious Romanian writer Ion Creangă.

Despite enduring wars, communism, and even neglect, Hala Arena stands tall and proud. From the ambitions of a crazy dictator to the twists of history, it has seen it all. And while these very steel beams echo the tales of bygone eras, its revitalized interiors buzz with the energy of a vibrant community. Brace yourself for an intense experience that will leave you in awe!

Get there!