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Coffee Culture

Coffee, Taste
Artistry & Craft



Coffee Culture Extravaganza


GreatEast Cup

A barista throwdown like no other! Talents from across the region will compete in the ultimate display of skill and creativity: Mastery Barista Cup & Barista Team Cup.


Workshops &

Dive into an all-encompassing series of coffee & business talks or get hands-on with interactive workshops. All while sipping on some good coffee.


Coffee Art & Culture

Explore the rich tapestry of Eastern European coffee culture and beyond through a captivating series of exhibitions, installations, and live acts.


Coffee Shops Carrousel Bar

A community-driven celebration of coffee: an espresso bar & a brew bar, showcasing the best of the region’s coffee scene! Baristas from eastern coffee shops will take turns, serving their signature brews.

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Coffee, Taste Artistry
& Craft Villages

19 Coffee Village

Green Coffee & Artisanal Roasters

From the meticulous curation of beans to the artistry of the brew, this is where true craftsmanship thrives. Here, green coffee traders, artisanal roasters, and coffee shop owners come together to celebrate the craft of the East-European coffee scene. Cup the latest crops, taste great brews or shop coffee bags for home!

15 Taste Artistry Village

Eastern Flavours

From artisanal pastries to brews, and everything in between. CoffeEast is the playground for the East-European flavours and creativity. Craft beer, tea, juice, kombucha, jams, spreads, savory treats – anything you crave, really. Taste or shop delightful treats for home!

16 Craft Village

Eastern Craft

Design meets innovation! Explore the finest handmade treasures from across Eastern Europe. From ceramics to art pieces, candles, jewelry, garments,  and beyond, every creation tells a unique story. Perhaps you’ll find this Easter’s gifts here. 

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Hotbed of Creativity


Top-of-line equipment

Explore the latest and most advanced equipment for your coffee business or for home use. From state-of-art espresso machines to cutting-edge grinders, brewers & accessories, the exhibitors showcase the best this industry has to offer.


Innovation and creativity

Meet the Eastern businesses that pushed the boundaries of coffee culture and HoReCa entertainment with groundbreaking products, expertly-crafted experiences and visionary design concepts.

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CoffeEast Community


Home Barista Playground

A hands-on brewing experience, carefully crafted by Origo Coffee. This is your corner for conversations and creativity, where you can extract your own espresso & try your hand with latte art.


Unwind & Retreat

Discover leisure zones and cozy corners throughout the festival. From the garden filled with food trucks and prosecco to inviting hanging-out spots, CoffeEast invites you to unwind, recharge, and spark delightful conversations. Bring the whole gang and let the good times roll!

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